Midnight PackEdit

The Midnight Pack is the only Wolf Pack on Mothwing Island, but they are quite famous. Being the only pack, they have a lot of wolves, and are often friendly and known for their witts and strength. They are a mix of wolves, but don't have any special abilities. (There is no Betas, as the Alpha Female shall serve as the "Deputy"/Second in Command.) Roleplay here: Midnight Pack/Roleplay
  • Dolphus
  • Shayla
  • Streak

Alpha MaleEdit

Dolphus - Handsome, well-muscled black male wolf with silver flecks in his fur and eyes the color of dying embers. (Whiskers)

Alpha FemaleEdit

Shayla - a beautiful, sleek furred tawny grey wolf with wide, blue eyes and black tipped ears. She is one of the fastest wolves in the pack.


Harmony - Red female wolf. (Whiskers)





Katlyn - Sleek red she-wolf with different colored flecks.


Bone -

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